Are you planning on getting British shorthair kittens for sale Coquitlam? They are probably one of the most renowned breeds in the world. These cats have unique personalities and beautiful coats as well. Because of the charming vibe, most people consider them when looking for a new kitten for their home. But should you invest in these kittens or not? We have listed a few reasons to get them below.

Unique Personalities 

British shorthair kittens have a unique personality. They are mostly very calm and gentle. These affectionate cats love spending time with their family. They will not demand much from you and will just be happy spending the time lying on the couch or staring from a sunny window. These cats are intelligent as well as playful too. They love enjoying playtime and puzzles.

Great with Children 

If you have children at your home, British shorthair kittens for sale Langley would be suitable for you. These cats have an easy-going nature, making them suitable for families with children. They are also patient and tolerant of people. They are not overly energetic and are suitable if you have other pets at home too.

Healthy Breed

British shorthair kittens are known as healthy breeds because they do not have a lot of genetic health issues. You need to rely on the right breeder who conducts the checks and makes sure to breed the cats safely.

Long Life Span

You would surely want your cat to stay with you for the longest time. So, British shorthair kittens would be a perfect choice because they have an average lifespan of around 12 to 17 years if you take proper care of them and take them to veterinary checkups from time to time.

Low Maintenance Coats 

British shorthair cats have dense but short coats. As a result, they just need minimum grooming. The shedding is also minimal; you do not need to brush or groom them regularly. So, if you have a busy schedule, this type of kitten would be suitable for you. You can just give them a weekly brushing, and they will be good to go with their healthy and shining quotes.

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